Imago Therapy

What it is, how it works and
how it will work for you 

For those who want the official versions and definitions of Imago therapy, please go here.

It is a short definition with some clips from Dr Harville Hendrix. Him and his wife Dr Helen Lakelly Hunt developed Imago therapy and the tools we can share with you that will teach you how to transform the conflict you experience into healing and growth.

Yes, I know what you are thinking! You are reading this and thinking...


I don't blame you! I did exactly the same. We will tell you our story and you will hopefully identify with it. All I can say for now is to invite you to stay with your discomfort and invite you to hear more...that's what we did...and it all made sense after a while.

So back to our definition, which is the shorter version and more personal.

Imago to us is a new way to love, an innovative communication toolkit and a pathway to something we never imagined. We have learnt (and are still learning!) to move from unconscious anger, conflict, fighting and not understanding to conscious communication, listening, respect, self-growth and growing together.

Sounds easy but it's not!

Sounds impossible but it certainly is NOT!

How Imago therapy can help you...

Imago means "image" and the toolkit helped us to form a new image of our love and relationship. It still involves conflict, misunderstanding and a certain "stuckness" sometimes but now we have a new way to get us out of that nightmare of blame and reactivity to understanding and empathy. A whole new positive energy that helps us grow. 

We can now move on whereas before we simply stayed stuck, we started to just cope, we withdrew, we "accepted" an "OK" marriage or frustrations, we nagged, we fought and we got to a point where we didn't see the point of being in a relationship anymore.

Whereas before we simply coped and told ourselves that this is as good as it gets we now communicate consciously (with a new way or energy that empowers us both) not to hurt or "win", not to judge or blame BUT TO GROW, to come alive, to get curious and to resolve our conflict with a new understanding...

Are you ready to transform?

There is always an energy in the space between you and your partner. How you use this energy and what type of energy you put into this space (which is a sacred, intimate and personal space) is YOUR CHOICE.

You can use this energy to break or to build, to respect or disrespect, to deny or to be curious, to create criticism, blame and shame or to create nurturing, growth, curiosity and positivity.

We will tell you all about how to use this space wisely and lovingly to bring about change and to TRANSFORM.

You are unique. So is your partner. And so is your relationship. We know that as well as anyone. We also know that Imago can help you improve, repair, heal, grow and enhance your relationship. We are here because that is what we believe.

Come join us on this will be worth every second.

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