Marriage help that works!

You need the right marriage help! We can help you because we have been there...on the brink of giving up on our relationship. But we invested in the right help, advice and counseling.

We saved our marriage.

We saved our family.

We now live in a growing, healing, passionate and joyful relationship!

So can you!

This is what you will need for you to save your marriage:

1. You!

Many couples get help, advice and counseling and they stay stuck, give up and eventually separate or divorce. Many of them will claim that the advice they got simply "did not work them". 

This might be true. We believe that nothing will "work for you" if YOU don't put in the hard work.

Many people go to a gym or start a new diet only to quit their exercise or eating program because "it didn't work them". In many of these cases you will find that they never committed to the program, never did much exercise and never followed, practised and got used to the steps.

Simply put they didn't put in the work. So instead of saying, "That just didn't work for me", they should be saying, "I didn't work it and that's why it failed!"

YOU need to commit to something new, something radical, something revolutionary. You will need discipline, commitment, rigour, determination and grit.

if you do, you are about to embark on the scariest, most daring but most rewarding and greatest adventure of your life! 

Are YOU ready?

2. Your partner

Obvious isn't it? Your partnership is what will give you the best marriage help you can get! You might not believe it now but everything that is pushing you apart now is what you will use to build a new way of doing things!

Forget about fixing your partner, blaming, shaming or criticising them. This is not a fault-finding mission or choosing sides.

This is about saving your relationship! You need to this together and you need to commit! Together!

We have helped couples where only one partner was committed to the process. It is possible. The real magic though, happens when you do it together. It happens faster, more effective and in such a way that sets you up for a lasting and growing relationship.

3. Marriage help

You can not do this on your own. You need help! If you choose the right type of marriage help you WILL be able to do it on your own.

It's like learning how to ride a bike. Someone had to show you first. Even if you did teach yourself you had to look at how someone else was doing it first. But once you got the hang of it you were good to go! 

Right now you live in different worlds. We can help you to connect those worlds. Once you have connected we can show you the communication tools you need to build the bridge between your worlds even stronger! And once you know how the tools work, how to use them and when to use them you can do this on our own!

Join us on an adventure!

We are here to help. We want you to embark on a new adventure that will save your marriage and repair your relationship.

The choice is yours!

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