Relationship Counselling

We see relationship counselling more as guidance than counselling. We believe relationship counselling should provide you with a map or a guideline on how to get better or how to be your best at your relationship rather than helping you "fix" what is supposedly wrong with you, your partner or your relationship.

Unfortunately most of us believe we are naturally good at relationships. We fall in love, we stay in love and we live happily ever after, right?

For most of us reality bites sooner rather than later. Where "falling in love" might be a natural, unconscious event, staying together and "staying in love" takes dedication, intention and conscious awareness and decision making.    

We spend most of our lives preparing, studying or working to be good at something. We want to be good at our job so we study hard, we want to look good so we exercise hard, we want to play the guitar so we take lessons and practice hard.

What we, as a couple, have learned is that the same principles apply to this thing we call love or to relationships. That is why we believe in relationship counselling. For us it's a way to learn to be our best at our relationship. It guides us to be better.    

Relationship counselling:
A map for your greatest adventure 

See your relationship as a journey or an adventure. When you started this adventure everything was easy. You fell in love and felt like the rest of your life would be this easy, blissful and happy. You didn't feel like you needed any maps to show you the way. 

Inevitably we came to a place on our journey (usually sooner rather than later) where we encounter problems or "issues'. This is where we need guidance. We need a map. We feel lost and we are ready to give up on this journey. It's not fun anymore!

We thought we could reach the summit or the beautiful picnic spot or the secluded beach but we get stuck in thorns and brambles and there is no clear road or path in sight.

This is when we start hoping we got that map when we started our journey. The map can show us the way, what to do, where to go, how to find the path and how to get to the top of the mountain.

It's the same for our relationship. Relationship counselling is your map or your guide. It shows you the intentional steps you need to take to find a new way to love.

We believe that the right kind of relationship counselling will show and teach you the steps and the way to get where you want to be, not where you have to be.

f you follow the steps, do the work and practice hard you can get the love you want.

This type of relationship counselling will then be your guide for the rest of journey. You won't need us anymore because you will have a map, direction and an intentional guide to take you where you want to be. 

We invite you to explore our site and then take up the challenge: Get a taste of our relationship counselling and see how this map will help you reach new heights in your relationship.

Feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you.

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