A relationship therapist
that is just right for you...

Finding the right relationship therapist for your unique needs can be a daunting task

We say this because we know this! We've been there!

After several attempts, we were lucky enough to eventually stumble upon an Imago relationship therapist. You can read about this revolutionary theory if you click on "Imago" above.

The Imago theory and toolkit saved our marriage when we started doing the work and we were so impressed by how our marriage flourished and grew that we wanted to learn all we could about Imago.

After years of international training, certification and hours of practical experience working with couples  Tildie is now a respected Imago relationship therapist. 

More than just a relationship therapist... 

What really wowed us about our Imago relationship therapist was the fact that he felt more like a guide and less like a therapist. He introduced us to the theory and we challenged ourselves to do the work. The more we did the work and used the tools, the more we felt that our relationship and the new connection we established BECAME our therapist.

This might sound strange and difficult to understand. But we have also seen this work in the way we work with couples. We simply guide you and show you the steps and the work you have to do. When you start DOING the work, you WILL see the difference!

Here's a fact: There is nothing wrong with your relationship! There is nothing we need to fix. We are not relationship therapists who will analyse, expose and lay bare all your hidden weak spots and tell you (or your partner!) exactly what you are doing wrong and what you now need to do right!

An Imago relationship therapist is more of a relationship guide. We show you what your love looks like and how you can make it work. We then show you the practical steps and guide you along. If you do the work you WILL see results! Just like us and thousand of couples across the world.

Our Guarantee

We offer a simple guarantee:

If you do the work, you will see results!

As your relationship therapist, or rather relationship guides, we will give you everything you need. We will give you ll the tools to use and we will show you how to use them!

The rest will be up to you. If you do the work and use the tools you will see results.

Let us show you how.

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